Monday, August 29, 2005

Is it warm in here?

I thought about getting up at 6:00 this morning. Long enough to turn off the alarm. I'm not young enough to function on three hours of sleep anymore.

When I sauntered into work at 10:15 it was hot and muggy. Not outside, in the building. And so the day went. Hot. My arms sweating each time they touched a desk. An hour and a half meeting in a conference room that must have hit at least 85. Small labs working with other sweaty nerds. There were repeated stories of the AC getting turned on "real soon now." Sometimes, a little warm air blew around. Just enough to remind us that, no, the AC wasn't working.

Days like today help me remember just how much I love air conditioning. And just how much anybody that wants to do ANYTHING to get between me and my cool air can shove off. Coal? Oil? LNG? Nuke? So long as I get my soft gentle breeze of 69 degree sweetness, I don't much care.

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