Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Great Have Idea

“Great!  Have idea.”
“What’s your idea?”

It seems Ian’s idea has been “Brown” for quite some time now.  We aren’t exactly certain what the meaning of this is.   When pressed about his idea he tells us, “Mine idea.”  And he’s so serious that we refuse to laugh.  Lauren wants to know why Ian’s idea is always brown.  We tell her that we aren’t sure.  For some reason though, her idea is always, “Pink!”  But, that makes perfect sense because, “I like pink.”

Somewhere along the way I got old and forgot there was joy in something as simple as brown.  It’s not sophisticated, complex, or deep.  But, brown has led to hugs and the wonderful sight of Ian with a certain and serious smile in his eyes.

He has an idea.  It is brown.  I think if I could climb into his mind I would find that “brown” is as profound an idea as I’ve had in quite a while.

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