Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The value of a metaphor.

A bar hires a police officer as a bouncer. He cards people as they come in, breaks up the occasional fight, and tosses people out when they need tossing out. At the end of the night, when the bar closes, he writes the owner tickets for serving minors.

Seem just a little bit ridiculous?

I read that this weekend as a metaphor for punishing the businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

I've always thought that businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should suffer penalties. I still think that. But, I'm now a bit less certain about how stiff those penalties should be and just how deep a business' responsibility should be to determine they are not hiring somebody guilty of one crime vs. another when the business and its owners pay taxes that are SUPPOSED to cover enforcement of the border.

The value of a good metaphor I suppose -- makes me question things that I used to be so certain of.

As for the metaphor, it seems that Common_Cents22 was the source of it. I can't find an earlier instance -- at least not without looking hard.

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