Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans -- Send luggage

The good people of New Orleans are screwed.

The city is going to be an impromptu pool party for weeks maybe months. By that time, I would expect nearly every flooded house to be close to a total loss. Commercial buildings might be better off -- since their structural components aren't a buffet line for mold.

Does it make sense to rebuild?

Unless Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi are moved, New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen. Oh, and New Orleans is below sea level, too.

Did I mention that the good people of New Orleans are screwed?

I am reminded of Sam Kinnison's rant about world hunger. The people of New Orleans need clean water, food, and luggage. Because only an idiot would rebuild a flooded house on a plot of land below sea level with not one, not two, but three, count 'em three large bodies of water next door.

I wonder what AAA and Samsonite are doing to help.

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Steve Dale said...

heh. Kind of reminds me of a certain Monty Python movie. They'll rebuild, and that will fall into the swamp.

Of course, I live in a city built on a landfill, on a faultline that many experts say is more likely to have a massive earthquake than anywhere in CA, so who am I to talk?